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Star Features

A listing of magazines, catalogs, web sites and news that have featured Cindy's Art Coming Soon!

TOP HONOR is Several things for the Famous Easyrider Motorcycle Company of the now Paisano Publications I have been featured in the July 07 Magazine for my art and jewelry, also featured in their catalogs of both wholesale and retail and in the special edition of their magazine for Christmas 07.

Another special honor for me is when my artwork came out in Pacific Trading Company Catalog.  There is nothing more special than to see your work come out in a catalog or magazine.  It is my special thanks to them and Sherri that got me there.  You can see my work and products at the links provided on the licensing pages.

March 2009 we noticed that my art came out in this story featured on Susan Weed Websites.  http://www.susunweed.com/herbal_ezine/June08/wisdomkeepers.htm

March 2009 My Art was added to one of the leading largest Virtual Card Sites for Fantasy Artists at http://www.virtualcards.co.uk/  Thanks Steven for adding my art to all the worlds famous artists.

March/April 2009 a new feature interview with Celestopia Times will be online with my art and the opening of this new website.   Thanks to Sumara Love.  http://celestopeatimes.com/Artist%20Interviews/Art-Music_art-interview-with-fantasy-artist_Cindy-Thorrington-Haggerty.htm


www.suemillerart.com The Sue and Vern Miller Art and Poetry Book with Cindy's Bubbles and Butterflies Painting is Featured in the Artist Gallery along side of Amy Brown, Josephine Wall, Linda Ravenscroft, Jody Bergsma, Jasmine Beckett Griffin, the Late Tom Cross and so about 15 more.  Please buy Sue and Verns Book you will enjoy it.  For all ages.

http://www.wildoaksart.com/JoinAsAFantasyArtist.htm The Fantasy Art Gathering!  FEATURE

www.biker2000.com Southern Boys Biker Magazine both Hard Copy and Online March 2008  EDITORIAL

www.fairiesworld.com Our Special Friends David Riche and Myrea Petit with largest Faires and Fantasy webs site company in the UK.  We are featured under Folklore and Mytholgy of American Indians

www.faeriemagazine.com in the May 08 Artist Corner and Donations as well.

www.celestopea.com Our Friends Sumra Love and their wonderful online News of Earth and Healthy Living.  We were featured in their art section and you can see that in their archieves

www.susanweed.com Featured Artist JUNE 08

www.thefairysocietynetwork.com Feature Artist of the Month in May and June 08

www.thefabulouswoman.com Upcoming Feature Story in November of 2008

www.easyriderroadware.com Jewelry as Easyrider Roadware Line of Jewelry

www.thefairysociety.com Contracts with The Fairy Society on Cindy's Art CANCELED TO MOVE ON TO OTHER COMPANIES in MAY 08 Still good friends with the Fairy Society People and On their Site.

Please see my Licensing Page for my Companies that License my Art.  Thank You so Much...

She Who Smiles with her Eyes
Cindy Thorrington Haggerty
In the Spring of 2008 Cindy was accepted with her American Indian Little People Spirits and Fairy Artwork on the Largest Fairy and Fantasy Web Site in the World.  She wrote a story along with the introduction from the Fairy Godfather himself Mr. David Riche.  David and his Wife Myreia Pettet also a very well know Fairy Artist approved Cindy's Work and you can find her gallery and story on the pages of Fairy Artists under Cindy Thorrington Haggerty or under Feature Stories under Folklore and Mythology on the web sites of
We Thank Mryeia and David for this honor...  Show your support and go to our gallery and vote for Cindy's Artwork...  It does make a difference....  THANKS...
Just out in 2009 January...  Back Cover of New Catalog Supplement Book of Pacific Trading
I am very honored to add this one to my mementos...  2009 Pacific Trading World Wide Gift Catalog...  Thanks so much Raymond this means the world to me...  Smiling Eyes Cindy 08/21/2008
BIKERS 2000 May 08 Issue Editorial Written by our Girl Friday Dana
2nd Page
Here are some of the listings and publications you can find Cindy in.
Contact Cindy for years prior to 2007.  She has as many as 10 other News Articles and Brochures in her hard copy files if needed.
In 2007 Cindy was a featured Business in www.pharostribune.com under (LOCAL WOMEN MAKING A NAME IN JEWELRY) search web site for title or (Cindy Thorrington Haggerty).  Later in the same newspaper she was a featured American Indian Artist for ArtrainUSA search www.pharostribune.com for (Artrain USA).  Artrain USA is a very popular Art Musem traveling the USA showcasing art and stopping in scheduled cities as a traveling museum that local people can visit with their families and friends that otherwise may not make it to a large city museum.
In Feb. 2007 Cindy's Designs came out in the wholesale catalog where her designs were featured in this Easyrider Roadware line at the EASYRIDER V-WIN EXPO in Cincinnati, OH the Largest Motorcycle Dealers Convention of the year.  See other pictures on Music and Celebrities. Button on this site for pictures of Cindy with Actor Branscombe Richmond and Cindy wearing one of her bracelets.  Also Branscombe and American Motorcycle Company 1902 Co-Owners signing Cindy's 1st copy of this catalog.
Request your copy of this Catalog from Easyrider Roadware Products or see online at www.easyriderroadware.com
Later that year Cindy was a featured Artist and Jeweler in the World Wide Publication Magazine from Paisano Publications in their Easyrider Magazine in July issue of 2007
In October 2007 Cindy was asked to be a featured artist of the Internationally well know Society of Fairy Artists called (The Fairy Society) at www.thefairysociety.com this banner was in the Program Publication passed out to all people who walked through the doors at FAERIE CON 07 in Philly, PA Convention Center.  (You can see other pictures from this event on our page called Faerie Con Mementos on this web site.)  Cindy's Art is of the Earth with the Eagal Features & Spirit in the Banner.
Here are the program pages and cover.
At that time a web site was created for the Featured Artists of Faerie Con in Support of these featured artists at www.realmofthemuse.com and here is it's banner also listed on the www.faeriecon.com web site in several different areas until the next 08 Faerie Con Convention comes.  Faerie Worlds and Faerie Con is a INTERNATIONAL Showing of Fantasy Artists of the WORLD.
  This 2007 Christmas Layout came out in Easyrider Magazine in December Edition as a special insert  
from Easyrider Roadware Catalog.  Cindy was so excited that her work was on the same page as her long all time favorite Motorcycle Artist, the FAMOUS International David Mann (currently desceased) Art Products.  She knew she was living her dreams when she was surpised with this.  She did not know about this and it was one of her favorite Christmas Presents ever.
In 2007, Cindy Thorrington, Haggerty
aka: Peaceful Art Jewelry Design LLC
accomplished the following:
1.) My jewelry was in two catalog issues.
2.) I was a featured artist in Easyrider Famous Motorcycle Magazine.
3.) I was a featured Artist in the USA known Artrain USA as a Native American Artist.
4.)  I was a featured artist on 3 web sites
5.) Was asked to become one of the World Wide Known Artist of the Famous
Fairy Society.
6.) I was a Featured Artist at a International World Wide Show of Fantasy Artists in Pennsylvania.
7.) Peaceful Art Jewelry Design did designs with 3 well known world wide artists now a part of the Peaceful Art Jewelry Line.
8.) Achieved my art and designs now on 11 total web sites.
9.) Met some of the people that I have waited most of my life to meet like Brancombe Richmond and Robert Page of the American Motorcycle Company.  I met several famous artists that I admire naming about 15.
10.) I added two people to the Peaceful Art Team that I also admire.
11.) Forged a friendship with Attorney Esquire Mark Dodge of Easyrider Motorcycle Magazine.
12.) I was in 4 news papers featuring my art or jewelry or both...
13.) Signed Contracts to feature my artwork in many products now in production.
14.) Helped 4 people to further their careers.
15.) Became a recognized  member of The Logansport Art Association.
16. My jewelry was in Easyrider Christmas edition of their magazine on the same page as Famous David Mann Art
17.) Name was in The Faerie Magazine Publication for Faerie Con 2007.
18.) Created Business Jewelry for other companies.
These are some of the things that I need to be thankful for, for 2007.  I only pray that I will do even more in 2008 with a upcoming magazine article with Biker 2000 and be a another featured artist on other sites like the Susan Weed web site.
I plan on giving back with my She Cares Series of Artwork to help with Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer this year and further my help with unknown artists that may need my help and other people that need a start in this life...
Thank You Great One for my year of 2007 and please forgive me for all my mistakes and help me to make them right in 2008.
Amy Brown
Get Well Card
Signatures include:
Cindy Thorrington Haggerty
designer of storybook greeting card signed by:
Jessica Galbreth
Jacqueline Collen Tarolly
Courtney Davis
Linda Biggs
Sue Miller
Sarah Pauline
Dorothy Wallace
Lisa Steinke
Judy Mastrangelo
Peaceful Art Jewelry
Peter Stone Company
Amy Brown Signature Series People



DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten
DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten

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Fae Bot Fantasy World
Fae Bot Fantasy World

One of Kind Valentine
One of Kind Valentine

Winter Simpicity
Winter Simpicity

Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)
Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)