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Jewerly Gallery

See here some of the past designs made by Cindy through her learning years.  Some date back over 25 years.  Enjoy!

You may inquire on these designs.  Some are for sale for the (right price) as they are a part of history of Cindy's career so they are all one of kind.  Some are gone and some are owned by someone already but many can be sold.  Contact us through the contact information page on what you desire.


Two Sterling American Indian Designs

Multiple Custom Designs made the American Indian Style with different Gem Stones

Amber Sunburst Necklace designed out of Sterling Silver, Amber, Hemitite and Turtle Claws

Handbeaded African Porcupine Quill

Amethyst Ring Cindy Designed 4 KT

Angel Collection we did for a Speciality Store

Antique Shell Mother of Pearl Design with Antique Beads

Arrow Head with American Indian Beads

Hand beaded seed beads Dragonfly Design

Hand beaded Raw Ruby in the Middle of the Design

Gold and 6 MM Rainbow Blue Topaz

One of Cindy's first very special Necklaces.  This has several things in it.  At one time the Heart was solid and got ran over so it was repaired with with sterling silver and coral.  It has lots special pieces given to her that are incorporated like: Great Grandmothers Antique Indian beads, Turquoise Heshi, antique red American Indian beads and Turtle Claws gifted from another American Indian to her...  Cindy still wears this piece after 28 years since she first made it.

Red and Purple design made for Red Hat Ladies of solid Swarovski Crystal Beads

Custom designed Dragonfly made of Sterling and Mother of Pearl

White Gold Logo Pendant with a 1/2 KT VH1 Diamond for friend of "Murphy's Backyard Pub" STUNNING

Gold Nugget Design with 3.75 AAA Blue Sapphire

Free form Hematite and Gold Inlay Pendant

14 KT Carved Gold Feather Earrings with handmade wires

14 KT Large Star of David Pendant custom made for customer

Various Hair Dangels with gemstones and Native beads and charms

911 Support handpainted Eagle Feathers on Deer Antler made into earrings and pendants

Handwrapped Arrowheads done by Cindy for private collections of other collectors  WE DO NOT SELL AMERICAN INDIAN RELICS AT ALL!

Custom made navel jewelry for HellKat Ladies Motorcycle Club

Custom made set of Kittens and Hematite Sterling Silver for Special Customer

Cindy's Design of a Mandella of Sterling Silver with Swarovski Black Crystals, Rainbow Swarovski, Gold, Native Beads and Sterling Feathers

Sterling Winged Lady with Malikite Carved Crystal

This ring was awesome.  Handcarved Devil made with White Gold a 3 MM AAA Blue Sapphire and 4 - 3 MM Cubic Zirconia custom request for Presidents Ring of the DD Motorcycle Club

Cindy's special design of a wrap around band with Hematite Stone in the Middle connecting set on 14 KT Gold and set with Aquamarine and Tanzinite  on Sterling band for man

One ounce 14 KT Gold Pendant made with a wet broom set with a 6.0 Antique Diamond and Large Green Tourmaline made by Cindy Estimated value of $8800. to $10,000.00 after completed. Email us for professional picture if interested.

Custom Designs for 2 Hells Angel Motorcycle Club memebers for their Anniversary Pins

See more about this piece on Music and Celeb Page of this web site. Made for Actor.

Cindy's first Bear Claw all done by hand with limited tools.  Set with Raw Emerald for Special Person.

This a ring Cindy created for her sister called Sister Freedom.  It is over a 1/2 ounce of 14-18 KT Gold casted from her scrap.  A 1/2 KT. VHI Diamond, 4 MM AAA Ruby & 4 MM AA Blue Sapphire with bead set and filagree carving.  Very high value.

This necklace Cindy created in college for her mother called Momma's Wings and is make of 14 KT Gold with a Emerald Cut Pyrope Faceted Garnet on a twisted gold rope chain

This piece Cindy created with Rose 14 KT Gold with an large heirloom antique rare star cut Garnet.  Very beautiful.  A college piece with a slight problem with the centering of the mounting.  She was learning.

A Sterling, Onyx and Turquoise piece made a free form in the 80's

You can not see the quality of this peice but the ring is set with a awesome Fire Opal with a very stunning large vein of fire in teh middle with wonderful electric colors.  This ring was lost and would offer a reward for it's return and no questions asked.

Cindy cut an polished and made this bracelet.  The stone is from the Sleeping Beauty Mine and was bought by the carat.  It is larger than a US Quarter and very high quality.

Cindy also cut this stone and made a matching necklace from teh same piece of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise made with bench sterling beads and Pervian hand painted beads for her mother

Cindy son found this black Onyx Inlay with Opal in a rock shop when her was little so she set in a a ring in the late 80's

This is a hand cust Turtle Design Cindy did with primative and limited tools out of Moss Agate

This is a free form neclace Cindy created in the early 90's from a Amethyst she cut in half and set with a Swarovski Crystal Necklace design to match.  As you can see Cindy has been using Swarovski since it was available to suppliers more easy

This is a free form stone cindy cut from one her best Sleeping Beauty Stones.  It was in the shape of a "D" that stood for her son.  She wore this big ring for years.  It was noticed by many.

This is a design choker that Cindy made using some very high quality CAN BEADS that were valued at nearly $75.00 for each bead.  She then string with black Swarovski to set it off

This necklace is special to Cindy.  Her now associate but then fellow student and her both worked on this pice in college.  Cindy did the Wolf and the Turquoaie setting while her friend made the hand made chain link by link.  26 IN Necklace

This design was made by Cindy's fellow Asian Student.  Cindy designed it and brough him the gold and the bores tusk.  She ask him to design the Peaceful Art Moon logo into the piece.  You can not see it well but this is a very intricut design by Cindy and Phoung Lamb

100 pieces pin done for the Women's Home of St. Margaret's House in South Bend, IN.  Made from Full Color tiles with Sterling chains, jewelers candy, Swarovski Hearts and Little Puffed Sterling Hearts

Princess Melia Jewelry done from At from the book pictured here.  Artist Sue Miller.  Author Malea.  Made with our Peaceful Picture Frames, Swarovski, Jewelers Candy and Sterling beads

Peaceful Picture Frame Jewelry made for Lisa Steinke with her art work.  Glittered and Jewelers Candy, Swarovski and Sterling

"The Red Hat" Jewelry of Art by Josephine Wall for merchandiser Pat Sager of Sunbeams Init. INC. 2009


All artwork & content Peaceful Art Jewelry Design LLC & Respective Artists. Added to They Whisper Art
No unauthorized usage of artwork is permitted. Website by Ethereal Designs

DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten
DEPOSIT Male Exotic Shaded Persian Kitten

Out of Stock

Fae Bot Fantasy World
Fae Bot Fantasy World

One of Kind Valentine
One of Kind Valentine

Winter Simpicity
Winter Simpicity

Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)
Dragon Lore (White Water Dragon of Clear Waters)